Town of Milbridge, Maine





Town of Milbridge

Board of Selectmen Meeting

Fire House Training Room

August 7 2012 6:00 PM

Attendance: Barbara Seymour, Bob Seymour, Cathy Chipman, Nick Guisti, David Momme, Joanne Halpin, June Rolfe, Arletta Daris,

Selectmen: Eric Beal, Al West and Morna Bell

Town Manager: Lewis Pinkham

Clerk taking Minuets: Mindi Beal

Eric called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM

  • Review and Approve minutes from meeting of July 24, 2012.

Selectmen reviewed and signed the minuets. Morna made the motion to approve the minuets. Al seconded and was approved unanimously.

  • Review and Sign General Warrants #5 and #6.

Selectmen reviewed and signed General warrants #5 and #6. Al made the motion to approve the warrants; Morna seconded and was approved unanimously.

  • Review trucking for winter sand bids.

Lewis stated there were 4 bids received. They were: Perry Trucking, The Buy Us Company, Mark Wright and Elmers Construction. The bid stated that the sand must be delivered by September 30 2012. Nick asked Eric to read the bids :

Perry Trucking $4.00 per yard

The Buy US Comp. $3.65 per yard

Mark Wright $4.25 per yard

Elmers Construction $2.90 per yard

Eric said that the town has worked with all of these companies before and see no reason not to go with the lowest bidder. Morna made the motion to use Elmers Construction; Al seconded and was approved unanimously.

  • Recycling Bins

From the last meeting, Eric suggested to wait and talk to Ramona about this. David asked how often they are emptied. Lewis said about once a month. David said that the bottoms can go bad where they are picked up to be emptied. Nick asked if they give us back the same bin once its emptied or if they give us another. Lewis said our bins are tailored to fit our needs, so they take the bin to Jonesboro and bring it the same bin back the same day.

  • ATV’s on Roadways

No one came to the meeting who was asking about it. It was decided to wait till next meeting.

  • SeptiTech yearly inspection plan

They gave us a price for all 3 systems. Currently all 3 systems are out of warranty. Nick asked when and where were the 3 systems installed. Eric said they were done in Phase 1 and the new systems were installed at The Red Barn, Nursing Home. The Milbridge House and Gulf have a shared system. Morna made a motion to approve going with the 3 year plan for the systems. Al seconded and was approved unanimously.

New Business:

Lewis said that the Harrington Health Center has invited the Selectmen and Lewis to attend there Open House for National Health Center Week. It will be held Thursday August 9 2012 from 4-7 pm.

Milbridge Days Update- No problems, everything went well. The Parade was the largest its been in a while. The only issue is with the silly string that vendors sell. One business owner complained about it. Lewis suggested landowners not allow vendors to sell silly string on there property. Eric asked if we could have the vendors get a permit from the town. Lewis said they tried that in the past and had hardly any vendors show up. Lewis said he would dig out the old policy and look at it. Cathy said silly string has been an issue for a long time.

They paved the Flaherty Road today. Eric asked which road is next Lewis said he would have more info on that at the next meeting.

No other New Business.

Old Business:

Trash truck is all repaired and was picking up trash today. Mark Wright filled in while the truck was out.

Nick asked what was found out from when some of the water was going into the catch basin by Family Dollar. Lewis said a dye testing was done and it did not go there. The water could have been leaching there from where the Family dollar had the water issue. Do not have to redirect the catch basin.

Arletta Daris said she needs help on her taxes. Said she has been over taxed on her house in the past. She said the assessors have been down to look at it. Eric told her to meet with the assessors then Lewis. Lewis said he will get with the assessors and try to work with her.

Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing- Good to go on the Comprehensive plan. Next step is a Town Meeting for a vote.

Bids on the new building should be ready by the first of next week. We would like to have a pre-bid meeting for the contractors before they bid so they can ask questions. They are thinking for allowing three weeks for the bid period.

No other Old business

Next meeting August 21 2012 at 6:00 PM at the Fire House Training Room

Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM


Town of Milbridge

Board of Selectmen Meeting

Fire House Training Room

July 24, 2012 6:00PM

Attendance: Jeff Beal, Jim Currier, Cathy Chipman, David Momme, Mike Domrad, Barbara Seymour, Bob Seymour, Joanne Halpin, June Rolfe, Lewis Pinkham- Town Manager, Morna Bell- Selectman, Eric Beal- Selectman.

Absent- Al West

Meeting started at 6:00 PM

  • Review and approval of minuets from previous meeting of July 10, 2012.

Morna made the motion to approve the minuets, Eric seconded, approved unanimously.

  • Review and signing of General Warrants # 53-B, #3, and 4.

Warrants #53-B, #3 and #4 were reviewed and signed. Morna made the motion to approve the minuets. Eric seconded and approved unanimously.

  • Close office on July 31 for Audit.

Lewis stated that the auditor would be here for two days, July 31st and Aug 1st , since Mindi is still training it would be much easier if the office was closed the first day the auditor is here. That way Brienne would be able to assist the auditor and not have to be interrupted. Eric asked how it would be publicized since there is not time to get it in the paper. Lewis said we would post notices in the town office, at the post office, on the sign board at the town office and on the Bayside sign. Morna and Eric agreed this would be fine.

  • Porta Potty at Marina.

With the increase in use of the Town Marina during the summer months with the tour boats and addition of the fire pit, it has been suggested to have a porta potty placed at the Marina. Eric said he thought it was needed. Jeff said that people have been using the bushes. Eric and Lewis talked about the time frame of when it would be needed and they decided June-September. Morna made the motion to approve the porta potty for the Marina for June- September. Eric seconded. It was approved unanimously.

  • Recycling Bins.

Lewis was looking at ways to cut cost with the bins. He said that currently they are rented from Mark Wright for 200.00 a month. Mark said he would sell the town the bins for 4000.00 each. New they are 7900.00. Mark said the town could do a payment plan with him for 200.00 a month until they were paid for. Currently Mark does the maintenance and modifications of the bins. If the town was to purchase the bins it would then be the towns responsibility to maintain the bins. Bob asked if the town made any money on the contents of the bins. Lewis said not really since the price is down. Eric asked to postpone this until Al was back so the full board could vote. Morna agreed.

  • ATV’s on roadways.

Lewis said Allan Leighton has asked if ATV’s could be allowed on the Kansas Road to allow them to get on the trail that is on Park Street in Cherryfield. Royce Beal has asked about allowing ATV’s of the Flaherty Road. Lewis said he has spoken with several people and they said that by allowing ATV’s on the road ways the amount of ATV complaints has decreased. Eric asked Lewis to look in to it a little more to see what other roads ATV’s should be allowed on as well.

  • Building Permit Application Fees

Lewis said that at the Planning Board meeting last Thursday they decided to lower the fees. Lewis stated what the proposed decreases would be, and that the planning board would like to make it retro active to July 1, 2012. People have been grumbling over the current fees. Eric said we are not here to make money just need to cover cost. People who have paid fees since July 1st 2012 would be refunded the difference. Morna made the Motion to approve the fee decreases and make it retro active to July 1st 2012. Eric Seconded. It was approved unanimously.

  • Sewer Commitment

Morna and Eric reviewed the commitment. Eric asked if the readings were true readings. Lewis said yes. Eric asked if the electric bills were billed separate on the few systems that have an electric bill. Lewis said yes. Morna motioned to approve the Sewer Commitment and Eric Seconded and it was approved unanimously.

New Business:

Lewis talked about a maintenance plan that SepticTech offers. The plan covers a yearly inspection on the three systems we have of there’s. If we have this plan it may save money on maintenance. Eric asked if the cost was per unit or for all three systems. Lewis said he would have to check in to that and would have it for the next meeting.

No other new business.

Old Business:

All water issues have been fixed. Rings will pave tomorrow 7/25 so to be done by Milbridge Days. Doing some research because they think the water from the Family dollar incident may have been going in to the sewer. Patrick is checking with dyes.

Paving- Lewis sent notices not sure when they will start. Flaherty Rd is ready to go.

Mike Domrad said that he requested information on paperwork on the removal of the sewer system at the lot Camden National purchased from Keegan Beal. Mike said he was given minuets from several meeting asking about buy backs but the cost was not mentioned in the minuets. Lewis said the Minuets did not make note of the cost of to fix the sewer at Keegans. Eric asked Mike who dug up his system. Mike said that he dug it up. Eric asked who authorized him to do it. Mike said nobody. Mike asked why he was being discriminated against and Eric said he had not been discriminated against. Eric said Mike was made and offer and he refused it. Lewis recommended sticking with the judgment the Judge made when this issue went to court.

No more Old Business

Next meeting will be Tuesday August 7 2012 6:00 PM at the Fire House Training Room.

Morna made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 PM. Eric seconded.